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Bumberry Diaper & 1 Natural Bamboo Cotton Ins


Bumberry Reusable Diaper Cover and 1 Natural Bamboo Cotton Insert (Deep Red)
  • The most convenient and comfortable diapering solution for new-borns and babies under one year of age
  • The diaper cover can be used more than once, by changing the inserts alone every 2-5 hours depending upon the urination pattern
  • Though it can be used for longer hours, we recommend to change the diaper every six hours and keep the baby diaper free for some hours even for any diapers
  • Small - medium - large sizes can be adjusted in the same diaper (one size concept)
  • Attractive large variety of colours and patterns available
  • We recommend to keep the baby, diaper free for some hours between intermittent diaper changes
  • Instructions Included
  • Colours vary, you will receive one of the following colours

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Color: Deep Red

One size reusable diaper cover (adjusts small-medium-large in the same diaper) with one natural bamboo insert, change only the insert every 2-5 hrs depending on the urination pattern and keep the same diaper cover for a second use for the day, after wiping the inner portion. Though the one size diaper last till the baby crosses 3 years of age, the Bumberry diaper cover is preferred by mothers mostly as an excellent day time diapering option for babies under 1 year of age. Bumberry natural bamboo insert is also preferred among mothers for babies with high skin sensitivity and therefore allergic to disposable diapers. Though the diaper cover can be used for longer hours with multiple insert changes, we recommend to limit the use of maximum 6 hours as per APA guidelines. The Bumberry wet free microfiber insert is also an excellent option to be used along with Bumberry diaper cover as the insert has an additional layer of wetness protection that keeps the baby's bum dry, offering longer diapering time.

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